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Coaches Corner

Thank you for volunteering to be a coach in the CYO program. We appreciate the time and efforts you put forth to help the youth in your diocese. You truly make a difference in their lives. This page is designed to provide you with important information relative to coaching within the CYO program.


In addition to the required ASEP training and recertification reading, Coaches and all those who regularly work with minors in their ministry are required to complete "SHIELD THE VULNERABLE" training. By making sure that all those who work with minors are aware of the facts regarding child abuse and know how to report any suspicions of abuse, we can be proactive in preventing child abuse in our Church and in society.

Online training is available 24 hours a day and is accessible from any computer. To access the training, go to:   and follow these instructions

  • Ř  Click on “First Time Signup”

  • Ř  On the “Pick Type” dropdown list, choose Catholic Dioceses

  • Ř  Choose Manchester Diocese (NH) from the second dropdown list and click “Confirm”

  • Ř  Enter your registration information (Note: you will need to assign yourself a Login ID and password), then click “Next Step”

  • Ř  Choose Employee or Volunteer and select the appropriate choices that follow

  • Ř  Review your information, accept the license and click “Confirm Signup”

  • Ř  Once registered, you will automatically be taken to the training area. Click the green button next to the course listing to begin.

Note: Additional trainings may be listed. These are optional and are marked as such.


Coaching Requirements Summary

Diocesan Requirement: - You MUST have ASEP Certification  in order to coach in our program.  There are 2 required courses for basketball and one for cheerleading offered. Click on the ASEP  for necessary details.

Diocesan Requirement: - All coaches must attend the required training for Responsible Relationships in Ministry: Online training called "SHIELD THE VULNERABLE"  is available 24 hours a day (Replaces Protect God's Children) and is accessible from any computer. This training is managed by the Individual Parish/School. Please check with Parish Administrators as to what training you will need to coach.


Diocesan Requirement: - Coaches must complete and submit to the sponsoring parish, all paperwork associated with the implementation of Diocesan policy and procedures for the Care and Protection of Children and Young People. This includes three documents: Diocesan Screening Form for Volunteers State of New Hampshire Department of Safety Criminal Record Release Authorization Form. If you have resided in Massachusetts within the last 5 years, you are also required to submit MA Criminal Check Form.


Diocesan Requirement: - Read NHCYO Rulebook and sign/initial the "Coaches Code Of Conduct" page (12); Coaches Responsibility page (13); and "Receipt and Acknowledgment" page (last Page) that certifies you have read and will comply with Diocesan Code of Conduct.

Certificates of Insurance: all insurance issues are handled through the Office of Risk Management. Certificates of insurance have been issued to the facilities used during the 2011/ 2012 season. If you are using a new facility, please contact:

Kiara Lugo

Risk Analyst

Porter & Curtis, LLC

PH:  610-891-9016

FX:  484-445-7225

Roster Check Requirements:

Completed NHCYO RosterForm (signed by appropriate Parish representative)

Signed Player Participation Form for all rostered participants

Date of birth verification (birth certificate, driver's license) for all rostered participants

Coach's signed/initialed Coaches Code Of Conduct, Coaches Responsibility, Receipt and Acknowledgment pages for all rostered coaches (reference NHCYO Rules book)



NHCYO,  PO Box 310, 153 Ash Street Manchester, NH 03105

Phone: (603) 669-3100

      Last updated: October 28, 2015